Tooth replacement: implant or bridge?

ד"ר גפאלי חאלד - מנהל מרפאת שיניים DanteDental

ד"ר גפאלי חאלד - מנהל מרפאת שיניים DanteDental

בוגר אוניבירסטת קלוז ברומניה, בעל תואר D.M.D
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Did you know that a shark can grow up to 50,000 teeth in his entire life? If a tooth is lost, they simply grow a new tooth in its place. Amazing tooth replacement isn't it? Well let's get back to reality and talk about us, we humans, after all we are not sharks 🙂 Humans grow can grow teeth twice. For the first time around the age of 6 months, milky teeth begin to grow for about two and a half years. Then at the age of 6 years the same milky teeth change into permanent teeth that do not change anymore final tooth replacement. Of course there is one more growth around 18 years of wisdom teeth and that it,  no more teeth growing in the mouth. So we as humans are given one chance, if we didn't take care of the milky teeth because we were small and not sufficiently aware, no problem you will get another chance and the teeth change and new teeth grow. But if you do not take care of these teeth, you will lose them and remain toothless !!

Why teeth break down?

Caries: A hole in the tooth that we neglect, the hole increasingly enlarges and destroys the tooth until damage becomes impossible to rehabilitate.
Periapical process: Inflammation of the tooth which destroys the tooth support mechanism and results in tooth loss.
Trauma: As a result of a blow or an accident, the crown or root breaks. There are situations that can be saved and there are situations that are lost and the tooth must be extracted.
Periodontal disease: gums recession as a result of periodontal disease and teeth fall out.
Orthodontic treatment: to create a place for the arrangement of teeth, also wisdom teeth that grow and have no place and cause jaw density to displace. Rehabilitation is not necessary in these situations. In all other situations, we must replace a lost tooth.

How can we replace a lost tooth?

We have 3 options for tooth replacement:


Aesthetically pleasing solution, a prosthetic tooth that replaces the lost tooth. Made in the lab of hard acrylic material that simulates the missing tooth.

– Performed immediately.
– Removable, in case of discomfort.
– cheap price.
– Removable device, not fixed.
– not very convenient and comfortable since it is performed immediately.
– it takes time to get used to it.

Porcelain Bridge:

Needs longer time to make a porcelain bridge, you have to wait for the healing process to be done after a tooth extraction. and needs to shave at least 2 teeth on both sides of the missing tooth for the porcelain bridge support.

– Fixed device, very similar to a natural tooth
– Relatively short rehabilitation time (one to two weeks)
– Excellent comfort and aesthetics tooth replacement.
– Food compression under the porcelain bridge is possible.
– Shaving the side teeth for support weakens them.
– The load exerted by a porcelain bridge can cause cracks or fractures in the teeth.


The best tooth replacement.

– Excellent standard, comfort and aesthetics.
– The implant functions as a separate unit, not touching the side teeth.
– Very long lasting (10-15 years)
– Time – Long osteo-integration process (2-4 months)
– high price.

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