White smile: 5 great Tips

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

We all want beautiful teeth, we are all looking for the perfect white smile. Teeth are an integral part of our smile, there is no beautiful white smile without beautiful white teeth! A smile is something that cannot be given up, a smile is a reflection of our soul and affects our happiness, behavior, attitude and quality of life. It all starts there with our teeth.

Beautiful teeth both affect not only the teeth and the smile but also affect the whole body. That is why it is important for us to give you some tips in order to maintain healthy teeth, a beautiful white smile and your quality of life.

1) Brush your teeth

In order to maintain beautiful teeth and white smile we must take care of the teeth. Teeth work hard, year after year, and if we do not maintain them properly the damage will come sooner or later. The chewing forces are extremely strong, a tremendous load is exerted on the teeth and they must be at their best in order to function properly.

If you do not brush your teeth properly, you will suffer from decay! “holes” that are weak points in your teeth, your teeth then will not function properly and from this point the damage will only increase.

Also do not forget that our nutrition is full with sugars and chemicals, certainly not for the benefit of our teeth so we must brush properly at least twice a day especially in the evening. Do not go to bed with leftover food in your mouth. The increasing acidity at night provides a perfect environment for the development of lesions. Do not let this happen!

2) Mouthwashes, Water-pick, floss…

Brushing your teeth is excellent for maintaining beautiful white smile, however it is difficult to get in with the tooth-brush between the teeth where most of the food accumulates precisely there. So only brushing your teeth even if you do it 5 times a day is not enough!

The brushing operation must be completed with dental floss which goes in between the teeth and cleans everything that accumulates there, in addition, rinsing with mouthwash which washes everything out and gives you a clean healthy sensation and white smile.

It is also possible to rinse with a water-pick, a strong stream of water which enters between the teeth and washes all the residue out.

3) Do you brush your tongue?

Did you know that there are more than 700 different types of bacteria in your mouth?!!

These bacteria multiply mainly on your tongue. The tongue, among other things, is responsible for the action of self-cleaning the teeth. Contaminated tongue does the opposite operation, and can cause tooth staining and also encourage the development of decay.


2 more important tips:

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