Toothache relief tips

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

in the previous article about tooth-ache we mentioned several kinds of pain and ways to deal with this pain.

Toothache can be:

  • Sharp anf short
  • Dull and prolonged.
  • strong and continues.

Toothache relief depends on the kind of pain. if you want to know more about it, get back to this article in the link below.

Toothache relief :

tooth pain

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In this article we will talk about other types of pains in the oral cavity and give you solutions for toothache relief already at home.

Toothache relief due to gum disease:

The pain is dull, general and not strong, kind of general sensitivity.
The body wants you to maintain better hygiene,
Improve your eating and drinking habits and maybe quit smoking.
You must have heard of receding gums? This is the result of everything I mentioned above.
It does not happen without the body giving alerts but we usually do ignore such weak alerts.

What to do?
– Brush with a soft brush the connection between the tooth and the gums.
– Floss between teeth.
– Rinses with mouthwash or salty water (dissolve a little spoon of salt in a glass of warm water).
– Flushing with water pressure (jet) between the teeth and connecting the gums to the teeth.
– Massage the gums with olive oil, coconut oil or peppermint oil.
– It is also possible to massage with gingival gel as Decapinol or Gengigel. (Available at a pharmacy)

Toothache relief due to aphthous ulcers:

Aphthous ulcers are sores in the mouth that can appear due to a decrease in the immune system as a result of hormonal or nutritional imbalance and also due to mental stress. Usually aphthae heals on its own without any medication and leaves no scar. At the same time it causes severe pain in the mouth, a feeling of a burning wound and makes it difficult for feeding, drinking even speaking.

What to do?
– Avoid consuming acidic foods and drinks. such as: lemon, orange or pickle.
– Increase consumption of dairy products, especially goat milk.
– You can apply raw tahini, honey or coconut oil to the lesion.
– Churchmen tea is effective in treating aphthous ulcers.
– Special apathetic creams and gels are available at the pharmacy. For example: aphtogen.Consult a pharmacist.

Eruption / Pregnancy toothache

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