Tooth removal: How to prevent complications?

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
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In a previous article that dealt with complications after tooth removal, we mentioned a common complication called “dry socket.” A complication that causes strong pain after extraction. We have listed the reasons for this complication and also suggested solutions that may help you deal with the pain.

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Continuing with the previous article on tooth removal complications, there is another less common reason that can cause post-extraction pain. The pains is not as intense as in the case of a dry socket, it is more of a tingling sensation, a relatively tolerable pain caused by bone or root residue.

Bone or root residue:

Occurs in situations where the tooth is crushed or in a situation of complex surgical tooth removal.

You can go back to your doctor to clear these remnants and then you are exposed to a dry socket phenomenon due to damage to the blood clot.

Our recommendation is to give time until the body ejects these residues out of the socket and then removing them will be much easier and faster.

Pay attention:

In a situation where you have extracted a multi-root tooth, the bone that separates the roots remains inside the socket and can also give the feeling of a bone residue. It’s okay, you don’t need to do anything. Within 3 weeks to a month the bone will be absorbed and everything will work out without any intervention.

How to prevent complications?

  • Follow your dentist’s instructions.
  • Leave the gauze under pressure on the extraction area for about 20 minutes to stop the bleeding.
  • Remove the gauze gently and do not eat or drink for two hours.
  • Do not rinse your mouth on the first day of tooth removal and brush gently.
  • Do not spit, the spit produces a vacuum in the mouth that can detach the blood clot from the socket.
  • Eat and drink only soft and cold foods.
  • Do not drink with straw. The straw produces a vacuum that can damage a blood clot.
  • no smoking! Smoking increases the chance of a dry socket 48 hours after tooth removal.
  • Avoid irritation with your finger or tongue at the extraction site.


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