Teeth whitening treatment side effects

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

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Teeth whitening treatment:

Teeth whitening treatment is a great treatment for whitening your teeth and enjoying the perfect smile, however there are some side effects you should be aware of. Don’t worry there side effects are totally reversible and they will disappear in no a short time.

Side effects:


There is a chance that slight to strong sensitivity will appear after teeth whitening treatment but not mandatory. Sensitivity is caused by the opening of the tubuli (ducts leading to the root of the tooth through which the bleaching material penetrates and breaks down the pigments). These tubules usually close back after 24 hours and the sensitivity goes without any need for treatment. If the sensation is bothering you, you can use anti-sensitivity tooth paste, even take a pain-killer until the sensitivity stop.


In the soft tissues around the teeth. The burn is caused by the leakage of the bleaching material of the teeth whitening treatment into the gums, which results in a strong sensitivity in the gums. Both burn and sensitivity will disappear in a few days without any treatment. Meantime, you should apply a soothing gel and avoid hot or spicy foods and drinks.


Any irritation in the oral cavity can cause aphtha. Especially that teeth whitening treatment is an intense and fast process. The high concentration of whitening material, in addition to the mechanical pressure caused by the mouth opener, can certainly cause the appearance of aphtha. Don’t worry, it will disappear in a few days without any treatment.


Especially in the lower lip. The swelling is non-inflammatory so there is nothing to fear and no antibiotics needed. The swelling is caused by the pressure exerted by the mouth opener on the lip. The lip in the natural state should be closed resting on the teeth. Because of the teeth whitening treatment, we have to keep it away from our teeth, otherwise we would be at risk of burns. Doing so puts a lot of pressure on the lips and sometimes causes a slight swelling. The swelling will disappear within few days without any treatment.

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Frequently asked questions and updates:

  • Is it allowed to do teeth whitening during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
    The general recommendation is not, although there are no studies that prove any damage. It’s only that pregnancy and the infant are the in top priorities at this point.
  • Can I make a teeth whitening if I have fillings or crowns?
    Better not. Because the whitening material works on natural teeth only. Does not work on crowns or fillings so there may be differences in tooth shade.
  • Should tartar cleaning be done before bleaching?
    Yes its recommended. The area covered with tartar will not be bleached.

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