Perfect smile: Be a winner!

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

Teeth are our most powerful business card. Certainly a perfect smile and beautiful teeth captivates us all.
We meet these smiles a lot in commercials, with the celebrities and the rich people as if a beautiful smile
is not a basic privilege for each and every one of us.

It is true that there are many people who genetics did not favor them, and received crooked or
yellow teeth and a less beautiful smile. However, do not forget that many situations are treatable.
You do not have to give up reality. Dentistry is now very advanced, and aesthetic treatments
have become a daily routine.

It’s no longer like going to a dentist just because of pain, people do want to be healthy and don’t want to suffer,
In addition, it is also important for them to look classy, ​​beautiful and conqueror with perfect teeth.

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To get the perfect smile you have to solve two problems:

Teeth positions:

Usually caused by a lack of space in the jaw which causes overcrowding in the teeth.
Can also be causal because of certain habits like using a long-term pacifier or finger sucking.

Teeth color:

Yellow teeth may appear as early as birth due to a developmental defect in the teeth or later due to poor oral hygiene,
Beverages or foods containing pigments and staining.

What to do? What’s the solution?

We have an offer you can’t refuse

Teeth alignment + whitening ? Winning combination!

This way you will get both straight teeth and white teeth = perfect smile.

Wait, that’s not all …

You probably think to yourself:
“I don’t feel like that orthodontic metal bridge and braces, it doesn’t look good !!”
You are definitely right and we totally understand you.
so we have found a better solution that will suit you:

Transparent dental alignment with no braces:


An innovative and revolutionary method, nothing sticks to your teeth! Invisible and removable alignment tray.
A set of computerized serie of transparent trays that are mounted on your teeth and are replaced every
two to three weeks. The trays moves your teeth slowly according to the computerized treatment plan

By the way, you can see the step-by-step treatment program on the computer in the imaging software,
Until the final result stage. This way you will see in advance what teeth you are going to get.

Want to read more about Orthodontic treatments?

Go to the following link >>> Orthodontist in Tel-aviv Yafo

what about teeth whitening?

Here, too, we’ve got you the newest technology. Ecological teeth whitening without heavy metals combined with
minerals from nature calcium and fluoride.

What’s new here?
Because the materials are ecologically stable and rich in minerals, calcium and fluoride can be inserted deep into the tooth and blend into the core of the tooth without any damage to the tooth! In this way the tooth will get a natural deep white and stay beautiful and healthy. And we will also save the earth. Amazing isn’t it?

In addition, unique laser lighting is used to insert the material, a registered patent from the global meodental company.
Laser at two different wavelengths, one penetrates the material and the other pulls into the tooth the essential minerals. Within an hour you will get perfect white and stunning teeth.

Want to read more about teeth whitening?

Go to the following link >>>>> Teeth whitening

2 more thing for you:

It is important for us that you enjoy the results for a long term. Keep a perfect smile with a lot of confidence.
That’s why we arranged two more things for you:

1- Dental Fixation:
The fixation is internal and invisible.
its job is to prevent tooth movement and keep teeth straight.

2- Whitening strips:
You get a set of strips that stick on your teeth.
These strips contain bleaching material and renew the bleaching every time they are used.

So what do you say?
Want a perfect teeth?
Want to be winner?

Please note that site applicants receive a special benefit
20% off 
Call and enter Benefit Code 077.

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