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Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

Teeth straightening is an old dental treatment done by orthodontist that aims to straighten the teeth arch and give us the perfect symmetrical smile. This treatment is carried out using a dental bridge supported by orthodontic braces affixed to the teeth. Through the bridge and the brackets we are able to move our teeth in the desired direction.

While this treatment is a long-standing treatment, there is not much variety in the treatment methods, especially that the old classical method works well. At the same time, we made sure to bring you all the innovations in orthodontics to get to know the variety of methods, and choose the most convenient and appropriate method for orthodontist treatment.

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Let’s start…

  1. Orthodontist classic method:

    What characterizes this method is a tooth bridge and braces all made from metal. visible on the teeth. not very esthetic method. However, this method is one of the oldest, which has proven itself for years as very efficient and high quality. While such treatment indeed takes time, the results are amazing and safe.

  2. Transparent or white braces:

    The technique and components of this method are similar to those of the classic method mentioned above.The difference here is that the braces are not made of metal. You can use two types of braces: Transparent or white porcelain. Which gives an aesthetic advantage over the previous method.

  3. Internal Method:

    In this method the orthodontic bridge is not invisible. The orthodontist install it on the lingual side of the teeth (the inner side of the teeth),This gives the patient a significant esthetic advantage and keeps the smile clear. no one would notice that you are under orthodontic treatment. At the same time, the orthodontist work technique is cumbersome and uncomfortable, there is difficulty in cleaning and also unpleasant constant irritation to the tongue that comes into direct contact with the braces.

  4. Clear braces orthodontist Technique – invisalign braces

    A state-of-the-art dental alignment technique. No orthodontic bridge, no braces! The technique is based on transparent orthodontic trays that are customized  through digital technology. Trays are worn during the day on the teeth, causing the teeth to move in the desired direction. Every few weeks, trays change to create new and desirable directions. This technique has a great aesthetic advantage but is not suitable for any case of dental alignment.

  5. A technique that combines surgery and orthodontics:

    Particularly suitable for adults with hard bone. The surgical intervention allows the orthodontist to make tooth movement easier and faster. The surgeon actually creates holes in the desired area, giving the teeth an excellent displacement and this can significantly shorten the treatment time. For the orthodontic method suitable for this method is the classical method with the metallic braces, the treatment can also be done with the transparent or white braces.

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Dante dental clinic TLV, we are here for YOU!

We do all the above mentioned methods, the choice of method is individual, as each case.
We will be happy to advise you what method is best for you, we will also be happy to show you
examples and pictures of our previous patients So that you can understand the process
and choose the best method for you.

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