Inflammation treatment guidelines

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

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Quite often we hear the argument that dental treatment is not possible if there is a swelling in the mouth. You may have also happened to go to the dentist for treatment of inflammation or swelling and he himself told you that you should not treat it now, you must first take antibiotics and then get treatment.

Today we will explain to you what the logic behind this claim, and also give you treatment guidelines for inflammation that will help you deal better with the swelling until you return back to your dentist for treatment.

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Why dental treatment is it not allowed when there is a swelling?

There are several reasons for this:

* Acute inflammations is like an active volcano, any touch can cause another outbreak of inflammations and worsening of the condition. Even if it is for the purpose of treating inflammations!
* Secondary infection and spread of inflammation to other teeth or areas as a result of irritation.
* It is impossible to anesthetize, the anesthetic does not work no matter how many injections will give. The acidity in inflammation neutralizes the anesthetic effect.
* Discomfort, it is very difficult to treat inflammation especially if there is a restriction on the mouth opening due to the inflammation.
* The immediate medical consideration in treating inflammation in such situations can be mistaken, the inflammation can be large and simplified under many teeth but the source is one tooth, there is a condition that the source is not the teeth at all! It is therefore advisable to wait for the inflammation to calm down and then focus on taking an Xray and making the right decision about treatment.

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Treatment guidelines for inflammation,

what to do until the inflammation goes down?

* Take antibiotics: Moxipen 500mg or Augmenting 875mg due to the recommendation of  your dentist. Note that while you are taking the antibiotics, you should not drink alcohol. Alcohol neutralize the action of antibiotics.
* If there is pain, pain killer pills can also be combined. Acamol, Optalgin or Narocin.
* Soft diet, do not put pressure on the puffy area. Stress can cause irritation and an outbreak of inflammation.
* Cold diet, cold calms inflammation so it is not recommended to eat or drink any hot drinks. External cooling with a cold towel or internal cooling by washing with cold water, or eating ice cream is recommended.
* Rinse with mouthwash or saline. Disinfecting and preventing the infection to spread to other areas.
* Avoid sun exposure: Heat can cause an outbreak of inflammations and also pain!
* Avoid strenuous sports activities: Sports can cause irritation, eruption and inflammations spread.

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