24 hours a day

7 days a week

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Dante 2, Tel Aviv

First aid?

The dental clinic is active 24 hours a day, Even on Saturdays and holidays. We are here for any question, consultation or treatment.

24/7 emergency service

A dentist will answer any questions and make sure you get first aid on the same day.

Experience and quality

15 years experience, We started with a single doctor, today there are several doctors who together take care of you for the best service.

Prices are reasonable

Dentistry is a basic product, it is not just for the rich. We will  take care of you for the best price.

Free consultation

We are confident that our offer is the most profitable. You are welcome to come and get an offer and check us.


Dental Clinic Spa

If you were told there was such a thing as a dental clinic in a spa atmosphere. Relaxing background music, ceiling TV in the treatment center, exotic fish aquarium, modern design, young and innovative. In addition to the team of highly professional doctors who never stop smiling and treating, would you believe it? You will meet us, we will be here to bring you the best. Here you are at the center. We will do everything to make you comfortable and pleasant.

Customers recommend

Joe-zi Zirah

I have to say that I came for an urgent visit and after the treatment I decided to do my whole mouth, I was impressed by the service from the medical progress, and I do not need to talk about the warm treatment at all. Recommend to everyone

Myriam Benarouche

Je suis patiente de ce cabinet depuis plusieurs mois est en suis très satisfaite .La compétence ainsi que la patience et la gentillesse de Dr Jaffaly est remarquable . Je le recommande a tous

Lucia Denkmayr

очень нравится эта стоматологическая.во-первых своим профессионализмом, отношением и ценами.лечу зубы после наших российских стоматологов, которые , кстати просят за свою работу не меньше чем здесь, в Израиле.

Peppi Tao

Best dentist experience I’ve had so far. Nice and clean clinic, relaxing atmosphere, very kind, friendly and professional doctors who took plenty of time to do a perfect job. Appointments are available even on short notice.

So what do you say? Is it time to take care of your teeth?

You are invited to contact us and we will schedule an appointment

Our Service

perfect teeth


A good recovery is a recovery you can not see. It seemed perfectly natural. Our specialty.


The closest to the natural and perfect look. A computerized and innovative production process


Surgical extraction, extraction of a clogged tooth, extraction of a wisdom tooth.



A professional team and a sterile surgical room that ensures safe and impressive results.

Root canal

Root canal without pain. This is the secret of our succes


A Hollywood smile? Yes it is. Let’s do a simulation for you, look and then decide.


The best materials, resistance to abrasion and discoloration. Term investment.


Teeth whitening maximizes results in minimum time.

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