Good dentist in tel aviv

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

You have probably seen a lot of advertisements on Google under the heading “good dentist” in Tel Aviv-Yafo.
At the same time you are still not sure if these doctors are really good and recommended or if this is just a good advertisement!

Let’s be focused, examine ourselves and not the others.
Dentist Dr. Jaffaly Haled. Good and recommended dentist in Tel Aviv
Is he really good?

dentist tel aviv

What does it take to be good dentist in Tel Aviv?

To answer this question, let’s first get to know Dr. Jaffaly and his dental clinic.

Dr. Jaffaly graduated from the University of Cluj in Romania in 2003. He returned to Israel in 2004 and has already received a license to practice dentistry in Israel after successfully passing exams on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

In the beginning, he worked in public dental clinic (Maccabi-dent) to experiment and get to know the population. A year later, he opened a private dental clinic in Tel Aviv, which he still runs today.

The clinic started with single good dentist, dr. Jaffaly. Over time, more and more good dentists joined the team. The goal was to provide quality and good service around the clock 24 hours a day. Indeed, the clinic is functioning 24 hours a day by a team of good dentist who are closely supervised by dr. Jaffaly.

“Patience, empathy and love for others. Along with uncompromising professionalism. They are the cornerstones on which the clinic was built on” Dr. Jaffaly.

What does make Dr. Jaffaly a good dentist in Tel Aviv?

It is true that 15 years of experience is definitely considered. 15 years of working with people (the medical staff) and with clients (patients). An experience from which we learn a lot about us as human beings, an experience that gives a lot of tools to give the best and highest quality service.

At the same time being good dentist in Tel Aviv requires a little more than that. So let’s go directly to Dr. Jaffaly and ask him: After the long experience in the field, what makes a good dentist recommended?

“Being a good dentist requires a lot from me as a recommended dentist, as well as from us as a team and a leading dental clinic” Dr. Jaffaly

Dental studies do not end after 5-6 years of study.

On the contrary, they only start after these years. Daily experience in the field and day-to-day learning are the ones that give the best tools to be good dentist. I as a doctor and also the staff make sure to attend all lectures and seminars related to the field in order to be updated with the latest technologies and bring you the latest information, the latest equipment, and the most beneficial work techniques.

Personal attitude is not less important than professionalism.

when a suffering person turns to a doctor, he expects empathy, his compassion even before his professionalism. I as a doctor and also as a team make sure to give enough time to the patient to share his pain with us, and from there go with him step by step until we get to the treatment itself. Everything at his own pace without any pressure.

Availability is needed

We make sure to be available for our patients whenever they need us. You are welcome to contact us in any way that is convenient for him. Also through social media.

“We are always there for our customers at a push of a button. This is the service we are committed to” Dr. Jaffaly

We are convinced that dr. Jaffaly deserves a recommended good dentist degree in Tel Aviv. What about you?

If you don’t try, you will not know.

Feel free to contact the clinic and schedule an appointment with dr jaffaly.

Call now >>> +972772177771

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