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Gingivitis: Genetic factor effect

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

In the previous article we talked about gingivitis, what is gingivitis, what are the signs and reasons. Gum disease manifests itself in the form of inflammation.

There are 7 reasons that can cause this:

  1. Plaque.
  2. Calculus.
  3. smoking.
  4. Old crowns and restorations.
  5. Immune system decline.
  6. pregnancy.
  7. Genetics.
    You have been given a brief explanation of each cause and recommendations on how to address these causes. If you haven’t read that article, take a look at this link >>> Bleeding gums: periodontitis!

In this articule we will concentrate on the most common cause of gum disease: Genetics.

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Effect of genetic factor on gingivitis:

It’s true that our bodies are influenced a lot by genetics. The hereditary factor decides for us what we will look like, how high we will be or short, stronger or weaker and gentler. The type of bone and its strength, the type of teeth and their structure and also the gums and more…

Everything is built according to a genetic code set by the parents. For some of us this is a blessing, good genetics will save you a lot of problems and you will live for many years. Others are not so lucky.

However, if your genetics are not the best and you have problematic teeth and gums, that doesn’t mean you have to raise your hands and suffer all your life! On the contrary, you have to be more careful and you can prevent problems with your teeth and gums.

You have to understand one important thing: tooth decay or gum disease is the result of a combination of two things:

host factor + bacteria.

The host is the body witch is affected by genetics but even if the body is affected by genetics and you maintain good hygiene, and good oral health, you will not suffer from tooth decay or gum disease !!

To refine this better, I’ll give you an example:

Gas Station. High-risk area. Why? One spark of fire and the whole station will catch fire and everything will explode! That is why guards do not light a fire at a gas station. As long as the fire is removed from the fuel nothing will happen and once it happens even at a small point, the fire can spread all over the station and everything will explode.

The combination is deadly. Got the idea? The same is true with gingivitis, a body at risk because of a genetic factor or a particular disease even because pregnancy is like a gas station and the bacteria are the spark. As long as you keep the bacteria out of your mouth, nothing will happen. True, it requires quite a bit of effort but it is certainly possible.

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How can we treat Gingivitis?

Read now >>> Gum disease treatment

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