Frenectomy with laser

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

Laser dentistry is the most advanced technology for any patient who wants to get minimalist and painless “high-tech dentistry”.

Laser frenectomy is an intervention that is increasingly requested by general dentists and especially by pediatricians, orthodontists and communication clinicians because the frenum when incorrectly connected, causes great dysfunction in both adults and children and affects the process of growth and psycho-Sumatic developmant.

When frenectomy is necessary?

Frenum resection is necessary when the parent or doctor notices one of the following symptoms:

  • Eating difficulties due to tying of the tongue: the child swallows without chewing, the duration of the meal is very long, the child refuses solid food.
  • Speech difficulties: Dyslexia, the pronunciation of certain letters is difficult.
  • Dental growth difficulties: The upper lip frenum can delay the eruption of the upper incisors for up to 6 months and can also cause the appearance of diastema (space between 2 front teeth).
  • Gingival receding: frenectomy stops the receding gums and promotes the return of the gums to their proper place.

Why a laser frenectomy?

  • Because healing is faster and better than classical surgical resection.
  • Because it is done without a knife and without stitches, only with 3-4 drops of anesthetic.
  • Because it’s easier and faster.
  • Because the edges do not reconnect and there are no recesses.
  • Because speech and aesthetics improve and are immediately visible.
  • Because it stops the receding gums without a scar.

Is Laser Frenectomy Surgery Painful?

Laser interventions are usually painless. They are faster, less invasive, and also much faster healing without swelling or post-operative trauma.

In children or anxious patients, laser prenectomy can be performed with local anesthesia (gel or spray) or injection of a few drops of anesthetic in the area of ​​surgery. Light sedation may also be considered.

We at SmilePlaceTLV performs laser frenectomy as a routine treatment procedure, Dr. Jaffaly is a veteran doctor with over 15 years of experience, he will accompany you from the consultation stage until the problem is solved, and will guide you how to undergo this treatment procedure easily, and most convenient for you So you or your children can be calm, quiet and carefree.

For more details, directly from the expert, request a consultation with Dr. Jaffaly. Call now: +972772177771

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