Emergency toothache relief

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

No doubt, toothache is insupportable pain and needs immediate emergency toothache relief.

The concentration of the nervous system in the area of ​​the teeth and mouth is among the largest in the whole body. An area full with receptors that alert to any small problem. From this we can also understand the importance of maintaining teeth. Teeth are the front door to the whole body.

Studies suggest a direct connection between stomach problems for example, and dental problems. Let’s go further, studies have been published on the connection between dental problems and heart attack !! Our body is one unit, a tight chain of actions and functions. Any injury to one vertebra of the chain can cause injury to the entire chain.

Emergency toothache relief, how it works?

Our body protect itself from injury, gives alerts – Toothache!

After all, the nerve that is inside the tooth has an important role, it is not just there to hurt us.

Think you have a luxury car, is there a situation where you leave the car on the street without any alarm system? And not just any system, but one that gives alerts even before the car is broken into. Why? Because the vehicle is important for you.

Likewise the body, it is important for it to protect the teeth, any damage caused to the tooth, the body gives an alert. At first weak alerts: some discomfort or sensitivity. And at a later stage strong toothaches that won’t even let you sleep.

Emergency toothache relief, What to do?

It depends on the type of pain and the intensity of the toothache.

Focused pain, moderate to strong.
The pain can be in a particular tooth or in a particular area of ​​teeth.
Note that there are also cases of radiating pain, the problem in the lower jaw for example and the pain in the upper jaw.
It is important to make an accurate diagnosis before starting treatment.

Treatment by type of pain:

Sharp and short pain

Which appears when you eat mostly sweet food or drink a cold drink. It’s probably a hole in the tooth (tooth decay).

What to do?
– brush teeth.
– Clean between the teeth with dental floss.
– Rinse mouth with mouthwash or saline.
– Rinse with water pressure to remove stuck food residue.
– Do not eat on the aching tooth or on the same side of the aching tooth.
– Make an appointment with your doctor to perform a filling.

Dull and prolonged pain:

even without eating or drinking that can turn sharp like a knife especially at night. This is already an injury to the tooth root (a hole in the tooth that you neglected and it grew until it reached deep inside the tooth and hit the root).

What to do?
– Brush the tooth well with a brush.
– Rinse teeth with mouthwash or saline.
– Dip a cotton ball in a little arak and put on the sore tooth.
– There are ointments that are used while teething for babies, You can use these preparations further. Available at any pharmacy without a prescription.
– You can also take painkillers, for example: paracetamol, Optalgin or Narosin .. No prescription needed.
– Make an appointment for root canal treatment at your dentist.

A very strong pain that does not stop

Does not let go. a feeling of a hammer pounding inside the tooth.
Pain that can radiate to other teeth, even to the ear or eye or head, even to the chest in women!
It is an acute inflammation. If you inflamed the root of the tooth, you will feel a lot of pressure in the tooth itself and strong sensitivity to touch. If the inflammation is large and has spread outside the tooth then swelling will also appear. This situation needs immediate emergency toothache relief.

What to do?
– Do not touch the tooth!
– Do not apply any pressure to the area, pressure causes inflammation to spread and make more damage.
– Internal cooling of the tooth by rinsing with cold water,
Or externally with a towel with ice or cold liquid. Cold soothes acute inflammation.
– Rinse mouth with salty water or baking soda.
– Anti-inflammatory pills (Moxipen 3 per day, Augmentin 2 per day) must be prescribed by a doctor.
– Painkillers, do not require a doctor’s prescription. Consult a pharmacist.
– Churchmen is a natural anti-inflammatory substance and also strengthens the immune system.

Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible for emergency toothache relief.

Be aware, neglected tooth inflammation can endanger your life!!


Pain can be caused also by aphtha or gum disease

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