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Dry socket: Pain after extraction

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

In my previous article we talked about the immediate complications after tooth extraction, we explained the symptoms and how to deal with them (link to the article at the end of the page). It is important for us to know that there are also complications that can appear later, complications such as dry socket. Especially if you didn’t follow the dentist’s instruction.

Common reasons:


The smoking action itself, much like the spitting action, exerts a high negative pressure (vacuum) created in the oral cavity and can interfere with the blood clot’s stability, even causing it to disengage from the crater and then get a dry socket!

In addition, smoking causes the blood vessels to shrink and damages the blood supply to the extraction area, which severely impairs the healing process. So if the doctor told you not to smoke, please take it seriously, otherwise you will suffer.


The same goes for holding the gauze under pressure on the tooth extraction site at least 20 minute to half hour. If the gauze is flaccid, or you rinse your mouth or spit blood, bleeding will not stop even after many hours!

The dentist said, close your mouth, don’t open, don’t talk, don’t rinse or spit. Otherwise the bleeding does not stop and you just get in trouble. For your benefit, please follow the doctor’s instructions.

Traumatic surgical tooth extraction:

With lot of damage in the extraction site can also cause dry socket.

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late complications of tooth extraction:

Dry socket:

Particularly common in wisdom teeth extractions or surgical extractions. Can appear 2-3 days after the displacement. The phenomenon is caused by the lack of blood clotting in the crater as a result of tooth brushing or mouthwash near extraction and also due to poor blood supply to the main site due to smoking. The bone remains exposed and causes intense pain that can radiate to the ear, eye, chest and shoulder.

How to diagnose?

According to the symptoms.

Intense pain that appears 2-3 days after the extraction. Pain that can radiate to a large part of the face. The phenomenon is not associated with an increase in body heat or an increase in the subcutaneous lymph nodes.

Looking at the extraction site you can see an empty open dry socket, there are situations that you can even see the exposed bone walls of the crater.

How to treat?

The healing process of a dry socket is a long process that can take up to a month. During this time all you have to do is support the body with mouthwashes to neutralize infections, anti-inflammatory drugs (antibiotics) and of course, pain-killers.

The healing process happens automatically on its own, be patient. If the pain is too strong call your doctor, the doctor can do a gentle rinse with physiologic water and also place disinfectants and sedatives on the exposed crater.

dentist yafo

Always remember that this complication can be prevented if you follow the dentist’s instructions!

There are some more common complication

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