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Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
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Did you notice the phenomenon of tartar in the kettle? What happens if you don’t clean the tartar at time? The kettle will spoil and stop working! That’s how it is with your teeth. Dental hygienist treatment is a necessary treatment. Why? Because if you do not clean the cumulative tartar, you will harm your teeth and damage the proper functioning of your teeth. It starts with gum disease, tooth mobility and then floating teeth. Irreparable damage. Don’t wait for that to happen!!

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How often dental hygienist should be done?

The accumulation of plaque in the teeth is completely individual. There are some who do teeth cleaning every year and there is almost no plaque and some do tooth cleaning every 2-3 months and there is lot of plaque in the teeth.

Generally its recommended to clean the teeth every 3-6 months and in cases where plaque accumulates faster then its recommended less then 3-6 months. Our recommendation is to do plaque removal no later than a year.

At the same time, you will also do an annual dental check, calmly monitored that everything is fine and no problems.

Why does tartar (calculus) build up?

The tartar if a result of bacterial layer that accumulates on the teeth (plaque) and undergoes remineralization. This remineralization depends on the amount of minerals found in saliva.

Mineral-rich rock and calcium cause faster accumulation, resulting in a lot of tartar. Due to the build-up of tartar, there is no evidence of poor hygiene. In some situations this is indicative but in many situations the tartar builds up under the gums in areas that are less accessible to the toothbrush so cleaning is more difficult and possible only at the dentist.

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Why can’t you remove the tartar at home?

In the first stage of the scale it is possible, even in the plaque stage, before the plaque undergoes reminralization. But as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the tartar also accumulates in the periodontal and you cannot enter these areas with the regular brush.

Once the plaque has undergone remineralization and hardening, there is no way you can remove it with the toothbrush or any other product other than Skyler. The Skyler is a medical device that can only be used by the dentist or the dental hygienist and it transmits ultrasonic waves that break the tartar, in this way doing a tartar cleaning.

What happens if I do not do Dental hygienist?

Some think that the tartar should not be removed because then it will start to accumulate more and more. Some also fear that removal of tartar can damage teeth. And some people think that tartar is the one that holds the teeth steady and if we remove it the teeth will start to sway and lose them.

This is all wrong! Removing tartar is a must and otherwise the damage is only increasing day by day!

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