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Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

Dental cleaning is a simple but very important treatment to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy.
It is clear to us that everyone cleans their teeth at home, some do once a day in the morning, and some twice a day, morning and evening. And there are those how brush after every meal witch is excellent. At the same time a visit to the dentist is still necessary for a professional dental cleaning!

You are probably asking yourself, why should I visit the dentist to clean my teeth if I clean them every day at home? Who wants to look for a dentist now, make an appointment, go and pay money just to do a dental cleaning!

Dental Cleaning: Is it Really Necessary?

The fact that you clean your teeth at home every day is great, well done. Although,
I will emphasize to you a few reasons why you must visit the dentist for dental cleaning:

  1. Areas in the mouth less accessible for cleaning:

    Like wisdom teeth area. You try but it’s hard to get there and clean up properly.
    Slowly over time a layer of bacteria accumulates and tooth decay begins and you can lose your teeth.
    The dentist has special tools that can reach any area and perform a thorough and good cleaning.

  2. Dental scalling:

    A toothbrush can reduce tartar buildup by removing bacterial plaque but can not prevent it nor can remove tartar that has already accumulated. A dentist is equipped with a special device, a device that works on ultrasonic waves that ensure the reduction of tartar without any damage to the tooth.

  3. Sub-gingival cleaning:

    The toothbrush can clean the teeth and gums from the outside. What about everything that accumulates under the gums? After all, there is an area of ​​free gums that wrap around the tooth neck in the form of a fold into which a layer of bacteria can enter and damage the tooth and also cause receding gums. The dentist enter this area and clean safely and effectively.

  4. Do you floss your teeth?

    A toothbrush cannot get between the teeth and clean this area.
    Therefore dental floss is very important in completing the brushing operation. Most of us do not floss and we are aware of this. It is therefore important to get to the dentist to take care of cleaning this area.

  5. Stain removal and protection with fluoride:

    You get this as a bonus in dental cleaning at a dentist.
    At the end of the scalling treatment, teeth are cleaned with a lightening ointment that removes stains and whitens the teeth. In addition, it is nourished with fluoride gel, which strengthens the teeth and helps prevent tooth decay. Only a dentist can do that.

  6. mouth smell:

    A problem that is usually caused by the accumulation of food in less accessible areas for cleaning and here the job of the dentist is to locate these areas and perform a thorough cleaning and treat the phenomenon. Note that bad breath can also be due to other problems in the mouth or stomach. We have dedicated a special article to it (link at the bottom of the page).

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In addition to dental cleaning treatment the doctor will also do a general examination of your teeth for free and allow early detection of lesions and prevention of hidden damage.

DanteDental Clinic TLV

We are Specialize in dental cleaning and tartar removal. We have been doing this for more than 15 years.

The cleaning is performed only by doctors. We do not employ dental hygienists. Because no hygienist can do the job better than the doctor himself.

The clinic is equipped with an innovative device designed for tartar removal, a very gentle, painless device, and the results are excellent.

* Have you tried to do dental cleaning and it hurts terribly?
We guarantee painless treatment. We have extensive experience in the field and have succeeded in many cases that no other dentist has succeeded.
* Did you clean and did not see any difference?
We spend at least half an hour brushing your teeth, long enough to achieve the most beautiful and impressive results.
* Want to clean today and can’t find an appointment?
Our clinic works 24 hours a day including Saturdays and holidays. Call and we will arrange an appointment for you today.

WhatsApp us: +972772177771

Suffering from bad Breath?

Read now >>> Bad breath: diagnoses & solution

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