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Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

It is surprising how many people ignore and neglect periodic dental checkup

Periodic dental checkup is important and critical not only for your health, it is also important for your pocket!

Preventive dentistry services, such as periodic dental check-ups, are generally provided free of charge by both private and public dental clinics. However, many people ignore this test and visit their dentist infrequently or only in emergency cases when they are in pain.

We SmilePlaceTLV  care for calling our patients to remind them for a periodic dental examination every six months free of charge, you will be surprised that many patients decide not to come claiming there is no pain so there is no reason to come!

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Important reasons to keep up periodic dental checkup:

1) You enjoy a benefit for customers only

Free dental check-up is a benefit that only comes to the clinic’s customers!
In general, a dental examination during normal hours of the clinic costs 150 NIS.
If the test is at night, on weekends or on holidays, the cost of the test is 250 NIS
You enjoy this benefit for free at no cost at any time you choose.
When you schedule regular check-ups, you take advantage of this important benefit.

2) Fast, easy and less expensive treatment

Examining your teeth can also be a smart financial move. Perception of dental problems at an early stage usually allows for easier and much cheaper treatment. You benefit from free consultation and also easy and cheap treatment if needed.

If you skip the periodic dental checkup You can miss dental problems and can result in more complex and expensive procedures.

For example:
Treating tooth decay costs between 250-350 NIS.
If you neglected the caries and it penetrated deep into the tooth
you must have root canal treatment that costs between 950 – 1450 NIS!

3) Anxious, periodic dental checkup is critical for you!

Patients who are afraid of a dentist or who are anxious about dental treatments must come for periodic dental examination. Why?
These patients suffer from excessive and uncontrollable difficulty with dental care, if the treatment is easy and quick there is a chance that they can cope better, if the treatment is complex and painful the chance is almost nil.

Periodic dental checkups can save you from complex dental treatments.

For example:
A hole in a tooth that has just started, does not hurt you, we barly notice it.
The hole is discovered during the periodic examination and the treatment is carried out immediately in the clinic,
Quick and painless treatment, there is not even a need for an anesthetic injection.

4) You reduce your risk of disease:

Your dental examination will usually consist of a general cleaning and a thorough oral examination.
The general cleaning will help prevent cavities and gum disease by removing tartar and plaque buildup.

During the test, your dentist will check for signs of:

  • caries.
  • Gum disease.
  • Clamping and grinding teeth.
  • Orthodontic problems.
  • Oral cancer.
  • And any other disease.

In addition, your dentist can detect signs of more than 120 diseases, including diabetes and heart disease!
If there is a disease that develops in the body, it can manifest itself in the oral cavity, the dentist will see it,
Will warn you and refer you for further clarification or offer treatment options.

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SmilePlaceTLV at your service

Even if your teeth feel just fine, there is no pain and you are not suffering from anything, basic dental problems can sneak up on you and you will miss them at this critical stage! They develop slowly and quietly, you may not feel or notice them.

When you maintain a periodic dental checkup, you are helping to maintain body and dental health, save money and also keep up your beautiful teeth and healthy smile.

Check your calendar and schedule in advance today your next periodic dental checkup !!

The clinic phone is available 24 hours a day: 0772-177771

Having an emergency?

Get free consultation if you do dental treatment.

Read now >>> Emergency dentist in TLV


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