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Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

In this era of aesthetics, awareness of cosmetic dentistry: beautiful teeth & perfect smile, has increased. Once we went to the dentist only when there is pain, to extract the tooth.Slowly people started to realize, teeth are a quality of life! They need to be taken care of and treated otherwise we will suffer.

We don’t suffer only during eating but also throughout the day, difficulty in smiling. Which can damage our self-confidence and social abilities to the point of depression and mental damage.

Today the awareness of dental care has risen in the young, even among children. Once we had to force them to go to the dentist, today they themselves ask do that, mainly for cosmetic dentistry. But also for health and comfort.

There is no doubt that dental care today has a different meaning. Today, we don’t go to the dentist just for extracting teeth
or fill a new hole. But mainly for keeping our teeth healthy and improve our smile. Everyone is looking for the perfect smile.

We would love to share with you our vast experience, experience we have gained over 15 years in the field And recommend you the best cosmetic dentistry ways to get a perfect smile.

Let’s start with something simple …

1- Teeth cleaning or dental hygiene:

It’s clear to us that everyone brushes their teeth every day. some once a day in the morning.
Some twice, morning and evening. And there are those that brush after every meal,
that it is excellent. Is this enough?

Is brushing your teeth at home, no matter how many times a day, enough to keep your teeth
healthy and have a perfect smile? of course not!

You must visit a dentist once every 3 months to six months. Why?
Because the tartar accumulates on the teeth, the toothbrush cannot remove!
And if this tartar remains, it can damage the gums and cause gum disease and teeth loss later.
It is important to go to a dentist to prevent that!

The dentist also performs stain cleaning and cleaning between the teeth in less accessible areas and also cleans the gums. Things that are very difficult to do at home. And in this way, you maintain healthy, shiny, clean teeth and a perfect smile.

Read more about teeth cleaning at the following link >>> Dental hygiene

2- Bleaching or Teeth Whitening:

No doubt, white teeth give a lot of grace and beauty to our smile.
Today there are many methods for teeth whitening.Choose only the medical methods,
do not try for yourself things that may at that moment give an amazing result but in the long run
cause great damage to the teeth!

It is important that you always consult your dentist, he will give you the best advice and also
follow the whitening process to make sure everything goes well.

Read more about teeth whitening at the following link >>> Teeth Whitening

3- Dental alignment or orthodontic treatment.

In situations where the jaw is too small or the teeth are too large, over-crowding may occur
and the teeth may lose their order. The result is crooked, untidy and not beautiful teeth.
Even if we make sure to brush every day, and visit the dentist once every few months,
The smile won’t be pretty and the teeth won’t look good.

What to do? teeth straightening. The role of the orthodontist is to restore order to the teeth and then
the smile will look much better, yes a perfect smile!
The disadvantage of this treatment is time. The length of such treatment is estimated at two years.
The results are amazing, but not everyone has the patience required to complete such treatment.

Read more about tooth alignment at the following link >>> orthodontist

4 – Dental Coatings, Laminate:

The fastest cosmetic dentistry solution through which you get a perfect smile.
It is true that it is not suitable for every patient and every case. However, this method can be
simulated for almost everyone. If you like the result we go on and make it,  If not then you can look for
another solution. The principle of the method is to cover§ the outer surface of the teeth in porcelain.
Through these coatings it is possible to change the shape of the teeth, the shade of the teeth
and also align curved or dense teeth. The results are indeed amazing.

Read more about Dental Coating at the following link >>> Dental crowns

So if you have a perfect smile, talk to us. We have accumulated more than 15 years of knowledge and experience
in the field. We will be happy to advise you that you choose the right, most efficient and affordable way for you.

We have another interesting proposal for you…
a winning combination for cosmetic dentistry:

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Remember that our clinic is available 24 hours a day
We are here for you
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