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Composite: Affordable dental veneer

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

The demand for maximum aesthetics in all sides of our lives has amazingly  increased in recent years, both in the fields of plastic medicine and dentistry. As a leading dental clinic in the Tel Aviv-Yafo area SmilePlaceTLV, it is important to us that you receive relevant and up-to-date information regarding aesthetics in the field of dentistry. We have prepared an overview of dental coatings for you: composite, luminaires and laminate. A detailed explanation of each type and also advantages and disadvantages.

lets start:

What types of dental coatings are available?

There are 3 types of dental veneers:

  1. Composite veneer: Immediate coating is performed in the clinic
  2. Laminate veneer: High-quality thin porcelain of the Laminate or Luminaires type, coating of the outer side of the teeth only.
  3. Porcelain veneer: Crown that covers of the entire tooth. It is recommended to do it after a tooth has undergone root canal treatment for example.

These options also address teeth with defects as a result of pigments (stains on the teeth), both in cases of spaces between the front teeth (diastema) and lateral teeth. With the help of these covers you can change the shape of the tooth, complete it or change its color.

In recent years, thanks to technological advances in dental aesthetics, there are a variety of options available to dentists to provide a therapeutic solution for all types of teeth. The prominent advantage of all dental veneers is that it is possible to choose the shade and shape of the tooth.

What is the difference between the different bio methods and materials?

Let’s start with the easiest and fastest method of the three:

Composite veneer:

A composite is a complex material based on polymers. Offers several degrees of transparency and a wide selection of colors for maximum accuracy and a perfect fit for the rest of the teeth. Composite is becoming more popular due to the relatively low cost and faster application, made on the same day without the need for a lab. Its cost is based on the skill of the operating physician and his ability to restore the tooth to its most natural shape.

Disadvantages and advantages of composite?


  • Cheaper price than porcelain. allows more people to treat aesthetic dental problems.
  • The duration of treatment is short, one session usually.
  • Maintaining our natural tooth. The composite completes the tooth and does not detract from it.


  • There is a tendency for the material to stain. Color absorption (pigmentation) because of the food we eat or beverages that contain pygmies such as coffee. At the same time recently there has been a marked improvement in these materials and now their resistance to staining is stronger and the color is preserved over time.
  • Does not hold for long, wears out over time or breaks.
  • Composite is an even stronger and harder material than our original tooth, yet it is a fragile material. Therefore care must be taken when applying forces to the restorations.

Suits you?

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The next type of dental coating is laminate.

Detailed explanation, also disadvantages and advantages.

Read now >>> Laminate: the best dental veneer


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