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Is it necessary to brush after every meal?

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

Dr. Jaffaly Haled

D.M.D international dental degree
Owner & Manager of Dante Dental clinic TLV

We keep talking about the importance of brushing to keep our teeth healthy,

Is it really necessary to brush after every meal?

i will answer that later. The question i want to answer now is how frequent meals can affect our teeth regardless if we brush or not. As we in SmilePlace believe in preventive dentistry, it is more important to learn to prevent the damage than learn how to treat it.

Frequency of meals and how does it affect our teeth

Lets learn from history. Ancient man did not have food available at all times, as we do. Nor was there a supermarket with countless shelves and products available for him at any given moment. Not to mention the restaurants and junk food on every corner. We eat all day!

Excessive eating causes an increase in the level of oral acidity, especially foods high in carbohydrates and sugars. Most of  us eat at least 3 meals a day and in between a few other small meals, in addition to snacks here and there, sweet drinks, coffee and tea with sugar. The level of acidity is going crazy all day!

Is it beneficial to our dental health?!

Obviously not, no matter how much or how long we brush.

Going back to history, ancient man ate one meal a day and even that meal was not guaranteed if he had not succeeded to hunt his prey. There was no snacks!

Balanced acidity level >>> Healthy teeth without brushing!


This article was not meant  to prevent you from brushing, , there is no choice, we must brush our teeth… for the sake of our health. The purpose of the article is to think deeper and identify the problem from the root. It is important that we pay attention to what we put into our body and how.

A healthy diet is the basis for healthy teeth and not teeth brushing!

Always go back and think about where we came from and how we started. It is true that times have changed and we are no longer in the era of ancient man. There are no hunters, our entire diet is processed and the meat is also processed, our social life is full of sugary/carbohydrate rich snacks.

At the same time awareness of healthy eating and unprocessed food has risen significantly in recent years. Open your head and look for the right thing …

Regarding toothpaste

Always remember that toothpaste does not solve dental problems but only helps prevent them. Toothpaste that contains an artificial sweetener like Aspartame (gives the paste a pleasant and familiar taste) or chemicals like Sodium sulfate (produces foam and gives a feeling that the tooth paste “works”) These ingredients are found in most toothpastes and they do not contribute anything to tooth health!

Look for toothpastes with only natural ingredients or do it yourself. There are no magic formulas. Most importantly, pay attention to what you eat, it all starts from there…

Important tips about your teeth brush

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As for the question we started with: is it important to brush after each meal? The answer is obviously yes. If it’s hard for you then i suggest at least to clear the residue of food and sugars by rising your mouth with water. This can be really efficient to our dental health.

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